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Discover our passion for good design and the rich stories behind the iconic pieces, talented designers and skilled makers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries that we represent.


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Social Togetherness: Inga Sempé

With many still working from home, we are doing much more preparation of food and drinks. We asked designer, Inga Sempé, to share her experiences, with reference to her design for Crane Cookware.

Social Togetherness: Bessie Austin

Austin Austin, is dedicated to producing organic skincare products using the finest natural ingredients. Today we talk to Bessie Austin, as part of our Social Togetherness series.

Social Togetherness: Mikiya Kobayashi

Today, we are talking with Mikiya Kobayashi from his studio in Tokyo. We discuss the background to the Tate Otama ladle, future projects and a positive approach to these times of change.

Social Togetherness: Spandana Gopal

Spandana Gopal, the founder of Tiipoi, talks to twentytwentyone about life in lockdown, adapting to working from home and the music that inspires her day.

Social Togetherness: Suzy Hoodless

Interior designer, Suzy Hoodless, discusses the impact of working from home on family life and the creativity and enrichment that has flourished during the pandemic.

Social Togetherness: Katherine Hoeger

As part of our Social Togetherness series, we talk to Katherine Hoeger of Nine United, to discuss her experience of lockdown and working from home highlights.

Social Togetherness: Hugo Passos

Designer Hugo Passos talks to us from Setúbal, to discuss his experience of life in lockdown, a forced reconsideration of resources and future projects.

Social Togetherness: Alex Mowat

Architect Alex Mowat talks to twentytwentyone about readjusting to a new way of working from home, creative pursuits and learning new skills during the pandemic.

And the winners are...

Our eminent panel of judges have selected the five winners of the Draw A Classic Chair Competition, each to be awarded a £100 Gift Voucher.

Social Togetherness: Erica Toogood

As part of our Social Togetherness series, we talk to East London designer Erica Toogood, co-founder of the clothing label TOOGOOD about balancing work and home life during lockdown.

Social Togetherness: Eleanor Pritchard

Contemporary textile designer, Eleanor Pritchard, discusses the effect of the pandemic on the creative process, her inspiration from home and pastime recommendations.

Social Togetherness: Albert Hill

Co-founder of The Modern House, Albert Hill, shares his experience of family life during lockdown, podcast and music recommendations and his most coveted rug.

Social Togetherness: Jacob Plejdrup

Jacob Plejdrup, the founder of furniture manufacturer DK3, discusses his experience of lockdown and home-working in Denmark as part of our Social Togetherness series.

Social Togetherness: Paula Day

We talk to Paula Day about life during the pandemic, the powerful wake-up call it has provided and running the Robin and Lucienne Day foundation from her Cumbria home.

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