Aino Aalto

Aino Aalto is an icon of Finnish design. She was born, Aino Mandelin-Marsio, in Helsinki, Finland. In 1924, at the age of 30, she joined famed Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto’s firm and she soon married Alvar, creating a lifelong partnership that has built an international design legacy. 

Independently from her husband, Aino is also known for her own individual contributions which helped bring modern Finnish design to the international arena. Her architectural exhibitions for Artek received the Gran Prix at the 1936 Milan Triennial. Aino also won the gold medal at the same competition for her “Aalto Glasses” which were inspired by the circles created by throwing rocks in the water.

Eighty years later, the versatile, stackable “Aino Aalto” glassware continues to be a timeless classic. Aino Aalto also designed buildings, interiors, furniture and textiles.


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