Ole Wanscher

Ole Wanscher (1903-1985) was a designer and educator who helped to establish the international reputation of Danish furniture design and craftsmanship in the post-war period. Wanscher was taught by Kaare Klint while studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and went on to work for Klint after graduating.

He founded his own studio in 1928, specialising in furniture design and was appointed professor at the School of Architecture in 1954, teaching there until 1973 and exerting a major influence on Danish furniture design as both a designer and educator.

Throughout his career, Wanscher was inspired by eighteenth-century English furniture. The traditional forms of this era provided a starting point for a wide range of his designs, balancing classic and modern expressive forms with harmonious ease. The period from the 1940s to the early 60s saw Wanscher at the peak of his career, and his masterly 1949 Colonial Chair, 1951 Beak Chair and 1957 Egyptian Stool designs illustrate his passion for minimal furniture with slender proportions and his respect for natural materials.


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