Philip + Stephen Pearce

A master Irish potter, Philip Pearce is perhaps best known for his 'Shanagarry' pottery, which his son Stephen is still producing 60 years later.

The ‘Shanagarry’ range originated in Philip Pearce collaborating with his son who was undertaking an apprenticeship with him, where he developed the distinctive black and white style that has made this range stand out.

The clay from which the Shanagarry range is made is dug from the banks of the River Blackwater and is organic, containing no lead, cadmium or other non-organic ingredients. Each item is handcrafted using 250-year-old traditional techniques.

In 1973 Stephen set up his own pottery. Stephen’s simple and functional design philosophy soon led to the creation of his 'Classic' range of earthenware in naked terracotta and brilliant white. The simplicity and beauty of these pieces quickly earned them critical acclaim as design classics which have remained in style and demand ever since.

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