Poul M. Volther

Poul M. Volther (1923-2001) trained as a cabinetmaker at the Arts and Crafts school in Copenhagen, before gaining the support of Hans Wegner and joining the FDB cooperative. It was here, under the directorship of Borge Mogensen, that Volther exercised his immense talent in furniture design.

A strong believer in functionalism, Volther chose to develop ergonomic, long-lasting designs over fleeting aesthetic fashions. His designs were inspired by the human form and placed great emphasis on high-quality manufacturing. With the departure of Mogenesen, Poul Volther assumed directorship of FDB in 1959.

Perhaps Volther's most famous work is the Corona chair - an ingenious design that accommodates the sitter on two cleverly-separated elliptical cushions. Volther's aim was to minimize the use of materials in a postwar period of austerity, yet he succeeded in creating a design that has been popular to this day.

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