Granite + Smoke

Founded by life-long friends Lindsey Hesketh and Claire Canning, Granite + Smoke draws from the duo's multi-disciplinary backgrounds; Lindsey in architecture and Claire in interiors and textiles. The studio produces beautifully crafted throws and cushions which feature modern designs with graphic and playful motifs in carefully considered colour combinations.

Inspired by both the past and the future, the studio uses traditional and modern techniques, with each of the throws undergoing a twelve-set process to achieve the highest qualities. The luxurious products are crafted with premium, sustainable materials, woven on Jacquard looms in limited runs.

Granite + Smoke works with two mills in the UK: a historical mill in Scotland dating back to the 1800s and a 150-year-old mill in the north of England. Each design tells a story inspired by the studio's passions.
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