Lumina Italia

Lumina Italia is a manufacturer specializing in lighting products, headquartered in Arluno, located just a few kilometres away from Sedriano, where its remarkable journey began. Founded by Tommaso Cimini in 1980, this inception coincided with the heyday of the post-modern movement, epitomized by the likes of the Memphis Group and Alchimia. Tommaso Cimini established the company with a clear guiding principle: form follows function.

With his inventive spirit, innate innovation prowess, and profound understanding of materials, Tommaso Cimini revolutionised his workshop machinery in the mid-70s. This transformation led to the creation of the Daphine lamp, which would become a timeless icon of Italian design.

From its inception to the present day, Lumina has remained unwavering in its commitment to its founding principle, which is reflected in every product they produce. 


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