Mobius + Ruppert

Alfred Möbius and Heinrich Ruppert founded Möbius+Ruppert in 1922, in the north of Erlangen - the heart of the European pencil industry - where they rented premises and produced, initially with 20 employees, pencil sharpeners made of artificial resin, magnesium and zinc via compression-casting.

They moved premises in 1929 and continued their expansion. Today, Möbius+Ruppert is owned and led by the fourth family generation and employs 75 people. The product range has expanded continuously and the companies premium products in the fields of school, office and leisure activities are exported to 75 countries worldwide.

The Mobius + Ruppert brand stands for 'Sharpening', 'Cutting' and 'Drawing'. Those core competencies are expressed through the slogan “sharpen your senses!”


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