Established in 1925, Porro supports a unique furnishing philosophy, matching the handicraft tradition of the time with the most modern advanced manufacturing and technology. Porro has always managed to anticipate trends in time, thanks to its constant research on materials, shapes and processing techniques.

Porro targets the medium-high, high and luxury market segments, where an object must not only fulfil its furnishing role but also reflect an identity and lifestyle. Porro products are sold in many countries and exports account for 60% of its turnover. Its most important international markets are the United States, Japan and major European countries: France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.

Porro works with designers such as Jean Marie Massaud, Christophe Pillet and the Swedish group, Front.

All Porro products are the result of a subtraction, from a progressive simplification process. Systems which are complex are the result of a very simple aesthetic vision, based on consistency, simplification, simplicity, and with the best possible quality.


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