A Dutch furniture company that offers contemporary interior products, and is especially known for its design storage units. Quodes offer products to consumers that are looking for a piece of well-designed furniture as a ‘lifetime companion’, and also service interior architects.

Quodes is a platform for a small selection of deeply involved and dedicated leading designers from different nationalities. They all have an authentic handwriting selected because of their drive to take the next step in product design.

Quodes work with Barber Osgerby (London) Marcel Wanders (Amsterdam) and Alfredo Haberli (Zurich) who have all been with Quodes from the beginning. Later Quodes also started to work closely with Nendo (Tokyo).

With these designers, Quodes presents an inspiring collection for the living room, bedroom and office. This exclusive collection is intended for individuals with different tastes and needs, but always with the sole intention to add a timeless piece of quality design furniture to their lives. A Quodes piece of furniture is created with vision, the best craftsmanship and by using the most beautiful materials. A 'lifetime companion' thus implicitly very sustainable.

Several of the Quodes pieces have been exhibited in museums, published in art books or have been recognized by the media.


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