Sasawashi is a Japanese company that manufactures homewares and bathroom accessories using a unique range of textiles woven from the fibres of the Kumazasa plant.

This species of Japanese bamboo has been prized for centuries for its natural antibacterial properties. Kazumasa leaves were traditionally used to wrap food, especially sushi, to preserve it and prevent it from spoiling. They were also used to make a variety of natural remedies to fight infection and promote healing.

Today, the Sasawashi company spins Kumazasa fibres into a thread which can be woven into a variety of textiles. In addition to being environmentally sustainable, this process produces materials with natural anti-bacterial qualities that are ideally suited for use in the bathroom.

Sasawashi textiles are light, lint-free and capable of absorbing twice as much moisture as cotton. They also have a natural exfoliating quality.

The Sasawashi range includes slippers, towels and flannels which remain true to the company's founding principles of comfort, longevity and simplicity.


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