Tolix produces the iconic Model A chair which is just as popular today as in 1934 when it was first designed. The chair can be found in the collections of the Vitra Design Museum, MOMA and the Pompidou Center. Crafted from sheet metal, this affordable chair has solidity, lightness, and is easy to maintain.

The chair was designed by Xavier Pauchard (1880-1948). At the end of the 1950s, with the succession of his son, Tolix and it’s 80 workers produced about 60,000 units annually. The company remained in the same family until 2004.

The brand Tolix was revived by its Ex-Financial Director, Chantal Andriot together with a handful of employees. Today, half of Tolix’s annual turnover is for export, half of which is for the United States.

To assist in the artistic direction, Chantal Andriot has chosen the designers Jean-François Dingjian et Eloi Chafaï alias Normal Studio. 

In 2006 Tolix received the award, 'A Living Heritage Enterprise' by the Ministry of Economics, Finance and Industry, in 2006. 


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