Inspired by the famous Scandinavian writer Strindberg who said ‘The electric light will make people work themselves to death’, combined with his disapproval of the intensity of the general lighting, the ‘floodlights from above’ which swallowed up desk lamps, Wästberg wanted to create a new form of total solution. In this way, cold and sterile environments with static intensity of light throughout could simply be changed to atmospheric environments with beautiful and functional lighting (which creates a sense of well-being). The great challenge lay in direct lighting. The general lighting was already there (the monstrosity on the ceiling), and just needed to be turned down as much as necessary. Wästberg used softened general lighting combined with beautifully-designed direct lighting to be placed on desks or other plane surfaces.

The Wästberg Philosophy can be summarized as; ‘Decrease general lighting and use direct lighting. Direct lighting should have all the basic properties of task lighting, but a wider area of use. Direct lighting should include energy efficient light sources, minimal glare, flicker free light, plenty of light evenly distributed over a large surface, and the ability to adjust light intensity.’

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