Ella Doran’s twentytwentyone collection

Ella Doran‘s new collection of homewares celebrates iconic chair designs of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries and is the result of a collaboration with twentytwentyone.

Ella Doran’s twentytwentyone collection

The new collection sees Ella Doran’s trademark feel for colour and pattern applied to a selection of chair designs collected by twentywentyone over the years and recorded by photographer Mark Whitfield.

Dating from the 1930s to the present day, these remarkably diverse designs are assembled in a dynamic surface pattern that wraps mugs, trays, placemats and coasters.

As twentytwentyone founder Simon Alderson notes, “Ella’s distinctive eye for pattern and arrangement has transformed the furniture into something closer to a textile print. Whilst individual designs contrast, together they become connected and cohesive.”

Each item in the collection offers a snapshot of the ingenuity and creativity that has been applied to the design of this essential piece of domestic furniture.

And to save you reaching for your reference library, the twentytwentyone collection placemat is supplied with a ‘cheat sheet’ that lists the identities, dates and countries of origin for the 50-plus chairs illustrated.

Ella Doran namechecks twentytwentyone’s “incredible passion for design,” noting that “It’s a privilege to move from having products stocked in their store to being able to work directly on a project together and having access to this fantastic and museum-worthy collection of chairs.”

The resulting family of homewares is a must for design enthusiasts as well as those who appreciate colour and pattern.

View the twentytwentyone collection in full here.

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