Vilhelm Lauritzen

Vilhelm Lauritzen (1894 - 1984) was one of Denmark's leading modernist architects and designers and was a driving force behind the development of Danish modernism.

He trained at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and founded his own architectural practise after graduating. His buildings include the Daells Varehus department store in Copenhagen of 1928 (one of the first examples of Danish modernism) and a competition-winning design for the first Copenhagen Airport, completed in 1939. One of his most celebrated schemes was the headquarters building for the Danish national broadcaster DR, known as the Radiohuset.

Lauritzen's buildings demonstrate a clear idea of space and form that has lasted generations. To achieve his designs he not only designed the building but, often, the interiors as well. In close collaboration with Finn Juhl, Lauritzen designed door handles, handrails, ashtrays, lamps and sofas for his buildings. This partnership saw the creation of Lauritzen's most famous light, the VL45 Radiohaus Pendant which is still in production today by Louis Poulsen. 

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Vilhelm Lauritzen

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