Sika Design

Founded in 1940 by Ankjær Andreasen, Sika Design remains a family fun business producing handmade wicker furniture. The company focus on comfort, quality and sustainability in all design and manufacturing processes.

The name comes from the Sika deer which is light and elegant. The company was established in Mossø, where, during the war, there was growing unemployment and shortage of raw materials. The production was based on free raw materials, such as straw from the fields after harvest and reeds gathered from the marshes. After the war, there was also a production of baskets made from wicker in the state prison of Horsens.

With the utmost respect to the original designs, the Sika Icons collection brings the designs of Arne Jacobsen, Nanna Ditzel, Viggo Boesen and R.Wengler back into production. Significant names in Danish design history, they remain important for their groundbreaking creations and experimental use of materials. In their own way, each designer performed magic with the sturdy qualities of rattan and wicker.

The designs of Sika are versatile and well-loved; handed down through generations, as well as being featured in hotels, cruise ships and restaurants across the globe.

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Sika Design

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